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Thursday, July 30, 2015

New Epic Growlers

You may have noticed that Epic Brewing is one of the few breweries in the state that doesn't offer growlers for their customers. The primary reason was that Epic only made "high point" beers and since growlers in Utah are primarily poured from taps - and Epic has no taps - growlers were'nt an option.

Apparently that is no longer the case. After checking with the DABC, it was ruled that Epic can fill a standard growler with any of their beers as long as it prepackaged and meets packaging and size requirements. So starting Thursday August 6th, Epic Brewing in Salt Lake City will begin selling prepackaged growlers.

Epic will rotate through its selection of over 40 beers, offering a different beer each week. Growlers will go on sale every Thursday morning until sold out. The cost will be $10, $16, or $20 depending upon which beer is packaged. There is an additional $6 growler deposit which will be refunded upon the return of a clean Epic growler. No other generic or brewery's containers will be accepted. 

The first release will be Hopulent IPA, $16 plus deposit. Weekly brand announcements will be made on Epic Brewing's social media accounts. Twitter: @EpicBrewing Instagram: EpicBrewing Facebook: Epic Brewing Company. The Utah Beer Blog will also spread the word as soon as we get the info. What are your thoughts on this new packaging option?



WR said...

Yeah, man!

TheChadwick said...

How "pre" does it need to be for it to be considered "pre-packaged" I wonder..? A day? An hour? 30 seconds? Is long as they give it to me sealed with a cap on it is technically prepackaged, no? I can be order it, they can take 5 minutes to "pre-package" it and then I can have it, no?

Michael said...

You cannot bring your own growler is my understanding.

ZB said...

This makes the DABC look even more dumb. According to them you cant serve strong beer directly from a 1/2 barrel but you can serve it from a 60-80 barrel bright tank as long as its "pre packaged" Maybe bars can get tops for their pint glasses and "pre package" them in the back.

Regarding Epic, having this done only once a week is a great idea. If you get them that morning/day the beer in these growlers will taste much better than the ones in the bottle. I advise people to support this and hopefully the revenue will go noticed and other breweries will jump in and maybe gain steam for new laws.