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Friday, July 03, 2015

New Beer Friday - Independence Day Edition

For Independence Day we have a ton new local options for you. Enjoy your holiday weekend!

Laughing Dog - Huckleberry Cream Ale: This new entry into the market pours a slightly hazy golden color with about a finger and a half of foam. The nose is mostly berries with grainy notes. The taste starts like the nose with big berry note and a touch of tartness. Malts hit the tongue next - caramel is there but subdued. Not much in the way hops - which is appropriate. This beer was definitely made for the summer heat. 4.0% ABV @Slackwater

2 Row - Dangereux Saison: Sadly I haven't had the chance to try this one yet. It's described as being a "big" saison with a good dose of phenolic spiciness with a big citrusy hop character. 9% ABV @ 2 Row and better beer bars

Anthem Cider - Anthem Hops: Anthem Cider’s tribute to the Northwest’s love of hops, Anthem Hops is a cider dry hopped with Oregon grown Cascade hops for over three weeks. The result is a light lagerish cider with all the beautiful citrus and floral aromas of Cascade hops with a only slight bitterness on the finish. Shy of Dry. Mild Tart. 10 IBU. 5.5% to 6.9% ABV. GLUTEN FREE. @Undercurrent

Uinta - Gluten Free Saison: Made with millet and buckwheat. The saison yeast takes on the brunt of the work complementing the tartness from the grain bill. Most of the people I takes to (including myself) found this to be a rather enjoyable gluten free beer. A nice saison. 4% ABV @Uinta's Brewhouse Pub.

Uinta - Gluten Free IPA: Made with millet and buckwheat. This one is hop forward like an IPA should be. There's a good amount of tangerine-like rind bitterness. There is some of that "gluten free" tartness as well. It is slightly thin, but they say that will be corrected in the next batch. 4% ABV @Uinta's Brewhouse Pub.

Vernal - Smoked Porter: Me no try yet. 4.0% ABV @ Vernal Brewing

Vernal - Pilgrimage Pale Ale: Me no try yet. 4.0% ABV @ Vernal Brewing

Vernal - Allosaurus Amber Ale: Me no try yet. 4.0% ABV @ Vernal Brewing

Vernal - Little Hole Lager: Me no try yet. 4.0% ABV @ Vernal Brewing


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