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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Coming From Epic This Fall

Believe it or not you are going to start seeing the Autumn beers very soon. I'm talking about your Oktoberfests (marzens), Pumpkins and Harvest Beers. Epic Brewing Co. has done some tweaking of some of their beers inside and outside of the bottle. Epic's Fermentation Without Representation is now called Imperial Pumpkin Porter (it's no longer a collaboration beer with DC Brau). There will be some minor tweaks, other than that it will still be the same rich beer.

Epic is also going to take that Imperial Pumpkin Porter and age it in bourbon barrels. Bourbon and pumpkin spices make a fantastic tasting combo. I cant wait to see what comes of Bourbon Barrel Imperial Pumpkin Porter. There is no release date yet for these, I imagine that the Imperial Pumpkin will debut first. If you behave yourselves, I promise to fill you in as to when.


Images found at Shipcomplient.com

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