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Friday, July 14, 2017

New Beer Friday 7/14/17

Happy New Beer Friday! Please select your choice from the options above. Don't screw this up, your weekend may depend upon it.

Mother Earth - Born Blonde Ale: Not tried this one yet. look for a lightly malty palate. Most have a subdued fruitiness. Hop character is of the noble variety, or similar. 4.8% ABV @Slackwater, Beerhive, Bayou.

Mother Earth -  Say when IPA: A Passion Fruit enhanced IPA - with light flavors of citrus and herbal leafy hops. Low bitterness. 7.5% ABV @ @Slackwater, Beerhive, Bayou.

Magic Hat - Ticket to Rye IPA: Not tried this one yet. Described as having rye spice, nicely woven into a hearty, bitter backup from an entire band of Nugget hops.7.1% ABV @ DABC

Firestone Walker - West Side BivoStarts out tasting of lemon and tangerine hops. Mild hops come next with toasty cedar and floral hops rounding it out. Fairly bitter finish. 6.5% ABV @Slackwater, Beerhive, Bayou & Beer Bar

Stone - W00t Stout 2017: Wonderful vanilla and cocoa nibs up front. A nice pecan nuttiness shows up late, just before a nice bourbon swirl rounds it out. 13.5% ABV @Slackwater, Beerhive, Bayou & Beer Bar


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