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Friday, July 21, 2017

New Beer Friday 7/21/17

Talisman - Season Ale - Raspberry Gose: Lemon mostly dominates with a bit of brine. The raspberry is subtle and has a tough time getting past the tartness. Nice and refreshing. 4.0% ABV. @ Talisman

Talisman - Talisman Presents N.E. IPA: Not tried this one yet. Look for an IPA with low bitterness and high amounts of citrus and tropical fruit notes. 7% ABV. @ Talisman

Full Sail - Cherry Black:  The nose has cherry, backed by faint notes of cocoa. The taste follows with  black cherry, then a healthy dose of cocoa. Some grassy bitterness in the finish help to balance it out. 5.4% ABV. @ DABC

Proper - Guava Skittlebrau: The Guava really shines on this latest incarnation of Skittlebrau. The malts are slightly toasty and there's a slight tartness in the finish. Very nice. 4.0% ABV. @ Proper

Proper - Delightsome White IPA: Love the name of this WIPA. Doughy coriander with spicy citrus peel. A nice change of pace. 4.0% ABV. @ Proper

Epic Coffee Cream Ale: The nose has toasted grain and coffee - slightly nutty too. The taste is mostly cereal driven with subtle coffee flavors. It works pretty well, the coffee here is more of accent rather than the primary driver. Nice beer. 5.6% ABV @ Epic

Payette - Aura Guava and Hibiscus:  Lots of tart cranberry and unripened guava. I'm not big on hibiscus, luckily it's nicely restrained. Well rounded and tasty. 4.0% ABV. @ Harmons


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