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Thursday, December 14, 2017

New Beer Friday 12/15/17

Desert Edge Smoky The Beer.: This is a Robust style porter brewed with a small amount of smoked malt for a lightly smoked porter. The flavor and aroma are coffee like roasted malt and light smoke. Low hops and bitterness. Medium dry finish. Come in out of that filthy air and have a pint or two! 4.% ABV

Strap Tank Benny: Missed. Sorry not tried yet. It's described as being a historic-ale collaboration between Strap tank and Benjamin Franklin. Using his original recipe, we sourced a diverse array of local, raw & malted grains instead of the usual malted barley. The result is hazy & unfiltered, but silky-smooth with notes of molasses, local Bagley honey and fresh baked bread. 4.0% ABV. Only at Strap Tank.

Fisher IPA;  A straight forward IPA with a good dose of mosaic hops to make it nicely citrusy. Not over the top at all. You need this! Available tomorrow in crowlers only at 10am. 7% ABV Only at Fisher

 Ballast Point High West Victory at Sea: Big roasted barrel whiskey barrels dominate with some caramel rounding it out.ts nd  barrel ans whiskey flavors takes control. 12.0% ABV. Available at Beerhive, La Ferrovia

Leinenkugel Snow Drift Vanilla Porter: Missed out on this one. 6.0% ABV available at DABC stores.

Lagunitas Willet Coffee Stout: The whiskey here is on the sweet end, which gives it a nice vanilla-like flavor. The coffee is subtle - not like Epic's BBB. 12.6% ABV Avaiable at Beer Bar, Beerhive, La Ferrovia.

RoHa's Grapefruit Back Porch Pale Ale: This version of Back Porch is is "dryhopped with rehydrated grapefruit peel. Tons of Grapefruit all around in this limited edition beer. 4.0% ABV. Available at RoHa.

Also, Vernal's Not your Mama's Imperial Milk Stout is now avaiable along the Wasatch Front at DABC Stores. If you havn't tried this yet I highly recommend it.

The nose is sweet with light chocolate and coffee notes - like a rich coffee drink. The taste with huge sweet lactose and chocolate followed by some balancing roasted malts. After you get past the lactic sweetness the coffee notes become more assertive. The end has some bitter cocoa and hint of black malts. Damn! I was really taken aback by how damn drinkable this 8.5% beer is. It's so drinkable and smooth on the palate, you'd swear it was in the 6% range. 



Diamond Mind said...

Where are we supposed to get that ballast point?

Mikey said...

I had it at Beerhive

Mikey said...

Also, I added a beer from RoHa

Unknown said...

Kiito's Wheat Ale was released yesterday on tap, & in cans. Tastes pretty good!