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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

New Brews Coming to You 12/12/17

I  have more previews this morning of what's coming soon to Utah's beer world.

First up, we have this new seasonal from Bohemian Brewing Company. The Brew Ski Mountain Lager is a 4.0% ABV beer made for Utah's Solitude Mountain Resort. As you can see the label features a bright depiction of Solitude's terrain, while inside of the can you get a German-style lager with mildly sweet malts and floral Bavarian hops. This beer is expecting to hit taps and store shelves very soon. Stay close!

On the heels of Uinta's popular Lime Pilsner you can soon expect to get your hands on a little Mango Lime Pilsner. This 5.0% ABV beer is not hiding what it is and looks to be a beer that fits better on the beach that on the groomed slopes. Don't let those marketing guys fence you in! If the beer is good for skiing, then buy it. Coming soon.


Labels found at shipcomplient.com

1 comment:

RoadKill said...

I might have to see what a little cayenne would do for that mango lime pilsner! Maybe try it mixed in the beer and then maybe try cayenne on the rim! I'll get back to you once testing is done! ;)