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Thursday, December 14, 2017

New Bayou App Lets You Order From Your Smartphone

The Bayou has just released the latest version of their iPhone and Android app. With the latest of The Bayou app you can now order beers right off your phone. You simply obtain a order code from your server, enter it into your phone and then click "Order Beer" on whatever beer you wish.  When you are ready for your check you can hit "Request Receipt" on the app and have your ticket brought right over.

With 490 beers currently in the app, this new ordering method should make ordering your next beer as easy as clicking a button.

Other new features are phone notifications for new beers and weekly firkins as well as other news. The app size was dramatically reduced (we are talking 10's of MB smaller) and there is apparently more robust error handling which should help out those of you with spotty connections.

They also figured out why some people were having problems loading beers into the app.  It was all due to issues between AT&T and The Bayou's DNS server.  They got that sorted out and AT&T people should no longer have any problems going forward.

I think this is pretty cool, I can't wait to give it a whirl!


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