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Thursday, December 07, 2017

New Beer Friday 12/8/17

Talisman Gingerbread Imperial Stout: This sounds amazing! An Imperial Stout with gingerbread? It's described as having a subtle gingerbread cookie taste with malt sweetness and a boozy finish. 10.5% ABV. Available at Talisman Brewing

Squatters London Fog: Squatters take on the famed tea latte is an English Golden with Earl Grayer tea infused at flame out and a dry addition post fermentation. Served on Nitro.

Kiitos Citra PaleAle: Nobody has had this. It supposed to debut today.... race ya! 4.0% ABV. Only avaible at Kiitos. 

Ommegang Winter is Here: This is a witbier with subtle clove, wheat crackers and a good dose of herbal hops. At 8.3% it's way heavy on alcohol and is guaranteed to turn the heartiest soul into a white walker. "My watch has ended". Available at DABC Stores.

pFriem Pilsner: Bloody Hell! what a nice pilsner. This one doesn't often hit markets outside of Oregon. Subtly sweet malts, dry crackers, toast and a healthy dose of grass and herbal hops make this pilsner sing! A must try. ABV is slightly high for style. Available at Beer Bar.

pFriem Oud Bruin: This sour brown ale is lightly tart with nice malty character and ample sourness to give it a great fruity profile without the addition of fruit. Not the best Oud Bruin I've had, but it's really enjoyable. 8.7% ABV. Available at Beer Bar.

pFriem Pumpkin Bier: Missed out on this one. It's described as fluffy pumpkin pie. 6.9% ABV.

pFriem Flanders Red: As sours go, Flemish Reds usually fall on the opposite sides of Oud Bruins. They are far more tart and less balanced. This is not that ; it actually has balance, which leads me to think that this beer is too young or slightly out of style. That being said, it drinks incredibly well. Try it now and try it again in a year to see if it changes. 7.0% ABV. Available at Beer Bar. Available at Beer Bar.

I know I missed something, please share the beer love.


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