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Friday, February 16, 2018

New Beer Friday: 2/16/18

Happy New Beer Friday! Last week I told you about Kiitos' Vanilla and Coffee Imperial stouts. They were unable to get those packaged last week, but they are going to be available this Saturday at 10am.

Kiitos Vanilla Imperial Stout:The vanilla here is fantastic and it works very well with the beer's rich roasted notes and malt sweetness. Loved it! 11.0% ABV. Available at Kiitos starting 10am Saturday Morning.

Kiitos Coffee Imperial Stout: The nose is huge with coffee and it follows in the taste. another wonderful adition to Kiitos' Impy line-up. 11.0% ABV. Available at Kiitos starting 10am Saturday Morning.

Kiitos Hazy: Looks like OJ, the taste is a melange of citrus fruits and pith. quite tasty. 4.0% ABV.

Strap Tank Barrel Aged Saison:  Spicy yeast in the nose with vinious sweetness and oak.The taste has some saison funk and tartness - including some damp straw and chardonnay notes. Towards the end there's some pear and oak with some lingering yeast in the finish. Very tasty stuff! 11.6% ABV.
If you want some of Strap Tank’s BA Stout or Saison and are unable to make it to Springville, Beer Bar has some in stock.

Stone Loral & Dr. Rudi's Inevitable Adventure DIPA:  The nose grass, pine, mango and citrus. The taste is much more subdued than the aroma, it's got tasty mango and tangerine, with nice pine notes in the end. It tatses lite but it's not. the ABV is 8.9%. Found at Beerhive. 

Fisher TurnBurner IPL: Great hoppy lager. Spicy/grassy hops with a bit of citrus & berry. Buy this! 4.0% ABV. Available at Fisher.

Fisher Pale #7: Old School Pale: An old school 2000's Pale Ale. There's a lot of pine with a smidge of citrus peel. Nice. 4.0% ABV.

Mare Island Coal Shed Stout: A very English stout. Metallic, char, toffee and coffee. Nice. 6.7% ABV. Found at Beer Bar.

Mare Island Saginaw Golden Ale: Did not try. 4.3% ABV. Found at Beer Bar.

Mare Island Hydraulic Sandwich IPA: Nose is super buttery. Taste is less so, but it’s still there. Tons of malt and a fairly bitter finish but not much hop profile to speak of. Pass. 7.1% ABV. Found at Beer Bar.


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