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Friday, February 23, 2018

New Beer Friday 2/23/18

Okay beer nerds, listen up. You’re going to have to put a little more planning into your Saturday beer shopping schedule. Three coveted beer releases are happening at the same time: Squatters 529, Strap Tank’s IPA and Fisher’s Anniversary IPA all three go on sale at 10am Saturday (11am for Strap Tank). I’ve tried all but Strap’s, here are your New Beer Friday tasting notes to help aid in your plan of attack.

Desert Edge Irish Red on Nitro - This is an easy drinking amber ale with light caramel and toasty malt flavors. It has low hops and bitterness with a light roasted dryness in the finish. Served on nitrogen it's smooth and creamy Mmmmmmm! Stop in for a pint or two! Available at Desert Edge

Proper Professor Plum - Toast off the bat with mellow maltiness. The Plum is subtle and in the background. It accents the base beer with nice, mellow tartness. 4.0% Available at Proper

Uinta RS Ale IPA - This new session IPA; designed specifically for Real Salt Lake is pretty much all west coast. It's full of citrus peel mango and resinous pine. Fantastic flavors with a mellow kick. 4.0% Available at Uinta's pub, Beer Bar and eventually everywhere.

Fisher Anniversary IPA - This is Fisher's second high point IPA and it's another winner. Hopped mostly with Galaxy and Citra hops with doses of Citra and Simcoe this limited edition IPA has shloads of tropical fruits, including citrus, papaya and pine apple. 6.8%. On sale at 10am Saturday 2/24

Wasatch Haze Craze - Another full flavored session IPA from Wasatch. This East Coast style beer is again, full of wonderful tropical flavors. with great pithy citrus notes. You need some of this! 4.0%. Available at Wasatch Brew Pub in Park City and the West Side Tavern (UBC) in SLC.

Strap Tank IPA - Sadly this is being bottle this morning and I havn't had the oportunity to try Strap Tank's first high point IPA. If I know Brewmaster, Mike Dymowski (and I do) he will kill it. 7.0%. On sale at 11am Saturday 2/24

Returning Favorites:

Squatters 529 - My tongue got a preview of this year's version yesterday. Look for tart cherry with moderate doses of funky yeast all wrapped in a blanket of fruity and tart balsamic. One of the better versions Squatters has produced in a while. Buy extras for cellering. 7.1%. On sale at 10am Saturday 2/24.

I will discuss these beers and other beer related toipics with Mick and Allen today at 3:30pm on KBER 101. Please check it out!


1 comment:

kent said...

Great new releases. I’m psyched about the 529. FYI Squatters is saying it’s a two bottle limit. So you might need to bring some assistants.