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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

New Brews, Soon for You: Saltfire Brewing Company

I (along with many of you) have been patiently waiting for Saltfire Brewing Company's brewing  machine to go online. It will be the first of many Utah based breweries to open up in 2018. As always, I have a sneak peak of the tasty treats that await us in the coming weeks.

The labels look great, it looks like Saltfire has decided to go with 500 ml bottles (thank you) and will debut with the following ales and lager:

12 Monkeys Double IPA - Pictured above, this beer is described as being a pale orange color with flavors of blueberries, papaya, grapefruit and resinous pine. It will hit the ABV dial at 9.1%. A "hazy" right out of the gate? I know that will make many of you nerdy N.E. style boys and girls very happy.

NZED Pilsner - Will be a New Zealand style Pilsner that will reflect it's German roosts with a dose  of  those unique New Zealand hops. Look for hints of tropical flavors, including mango along with  lemon and lime flavors. This will dial in at a refreshing 5.4% ABV. You all know how I love a hoppy lager.

A Series of Singularities IPA - This will be Saltfire's rotating single hop series. You will likely see these change out every quarter - or whenever Head Brewer, Patrick Bourque feels like it. Look for a different hop blast every rotation. Keep track of your favorites and I'm guessing suggestions are accepted.

That's it, you know there will be more variety to come in the coming months; what do you think of their debut suds? And please stay close, I'll have the official release dates published here as soon as they're made available.


Images found at Shipcomplient.com

1 comment:

Unknown said...

They sound great. I would hope something malty follows though. A big stout, a rich porter or even a toasty British ESB would be great. Can't wait to try