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Friday, June 29, 2018

New Beer Friday 6/29/18

New Beer Friday really does care. Do You? This week we have an eclectic range of suds along with a local favorite that will be making it's final appearance.

Shade's Kviek #1: The aroma is very hoppy with citrus overtones noticeable lemon tartness. The taste is lightly piney and hoppy with hints of citrus and berry. All IPA upfront, tart in the middle with a lemony ice tea finish. 6.5%. Available Saturday at Shades Brewing.

2 Row Blood Orange Sour: Not tried this one yet. The only place I know of that has this is the Bayou; don't even have the ABV on this one. I hope to have more info for you this afternoon on New Beer Friday with Mick and Allen on KBER 101 at 3:30pm.

Epic Utah Session Series - Passion Fruit: Brilliantly clear appearance. Passion fruit and a little sulfur in the nose. The taste is mostly passion fruit with some Belgian-ish yeast spices. Hint of surfer in the finish that fades after a while. 4.0% ABV. Available at Beerhive, soon everywhere there's an Epic seasonal handle.   

Proper/Sawtooth Puddleduck: This draft collaboration was brewed with Sawtooth Brewery from Hailey, ID. This is a light colored, wheat-based ale using a ton of fruit-forward hops and a special yeast favored for its use in hazy IPAs. The result is full bodied and juicy with notes of mango, melon, lychee and strawberry. Available only at the Main Street brewery.

Anchor's Nelson Pale Ale: The aroma is grassy and funky, with orange, melon and blueberry. The flavor starts with citrus peel, pine and melon . Some vanilla and a vague berry round out the back end. Overall this is a very nice and complex pale ale. 5.3%. Available at DABC.

Odell Onolicious: This has a tart lemony base with a good dose of passion fruit, mango and guava. The flavors get a little muddled but you get the idea that this is a tart fruity salad in a glass.6.5%. Found at Beer Bar. 

Odell Friek: This has a dusty dry raspberry aroma with a hint of cherry. The taste has raspberry and tart cherry; it's more tart than sweet. Some nice citrus notes round it out with a noticeable amount of oak, and a lingering funk. A nice barrel-aged fruited sour. 6.5%. Found at Beer Bar.

Mother Earth Call Me Ginger: The aroma is mostly big candied ginger. The taste is much more subtle with semi-sweet malts and light dose of ginger root. Next comes a nice balancing dose of lemon peel that serves mostly to keep the root in check. I liked it more than I thought I would. 4.8%. Found at Beer Bar.

Full Sail's Citrus Maxima: Missed out on this one. 5.7%. Available at DABC.

Upslope's Rocky Mountain K├Âlsch: Missed out on this one. 5.1%. Available at DABC.

Crazy Mountain's Lava Lake Wit: Brand new to our marketThe nose has crackers with floral, spicy and citrus hops. Tastes of earthy floral hops, pale malt and a hint of spice. A nice Witbier. 5.2%.  Available at DABC.

Crazy Mountain's Hookiebobb IPA: The aroma is floral and citrus with some candied fruit and pineapple. The taste is citrus and pine with a lingering, pithy bitterness. A bit chewy with a touch of crackery sweetness. A nice IPA. 6.7%. Available at DABC

Stone Enjoy by 7/4/18: Lotsa peach and tropical flavors going on here. The hops are big and assertive with a descent dose of malt backing it up. It's got an ABV of 9.4%, so don't drink this one on an empty stomach. As usual we're getting this one late, so drink 'em up by Independence Day.  Should start popping up in bars and stores later today.

Returning Favorites

Elder Brett: It looks like our favorite Elder is coming home from his mission for the very last time. This is the last batch of Epic's original barrel aged sour and it will only be avaiable in SLC starting today. Elder Brett's aroma is rich with the musty, barnyard-like character that “Brett” is famous for as well as some remnants notes of white wine. The flavor also has wonderful amounts of fruity notes both from the yeast and hints of peach, all rounded out with a pleasant and refreshing acidity and incredible drinkability for an 9.5% beer. We will miss you.

Litha Imperial Saison: The nose is earthy with some funky peppery saison yeast countered by zesty rye spices, bread, alcohol and light tropical fruit. The taste starts with a bit of pepper, clove and and coriander followed by estery fruits. Brady malts come next witha touch of alcohol. The end has a nice balance berries and tropical hops. Finishes semi-dry. 8.0%. Available Proper Brewing.


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