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Friday, June 08, 2018

New Beer Friday 6/8/18

Found some new beers.... and it's Friday. We should come up with a name for this!

Saltfire Galaxy Singularity:This has a somewhat dank citrusy nose with a good dose of tropical fruits and citrus on the palate. Probably my favorite of the Singularity series so far. 6.9%. Available at Saltfire, Beerhive 

Strap Tank Matt: I havn't had this one yet. This hazy and citra hoppped IPA uses an experimental yeast found in Indiana. It produces lactic acid similar to a kettle sour. 4.0%. Available at Strap Tank.

Strap Tank Maracuya: I haven't had this one yet. Described as being very tropical with a good dose of passion fruit. 4.0%. Available at Strap Tank.

Strap Tank Air Quality Control NEIPA: I havn't had this one yet as it is being released today. It's made with Ella and Mandarina Bavaria hops with lactose.Sounds yummy. 4.0%. Available at Strap Tank.

Zion Strawberry Rhubarb Gose: While not new in Southern Utah it is new to me; and I like it. The Strawberry and Rhubarb both shine in this subtly tart beer. 4.0%. Available at Zion Brewery and Beer Bar.

Uinta Crimson Tart: This pomegranate ale tastes mostly of the fruit with a moderate dose of tartness. Very refreshing for a 8.0% beer. Available at Uinta.

Uinta XXV Anniversary Imperial Pilsner: Spicy nose with light grains. Bread and grainy malt lead the palate to a drying, crisp finish with a touch of lemon peel. Medium body and medium to medium high carbonation. Full flavored but well balanced with a pleasant bitter hop accent on the finish. 7.5%. Available at Uinta tomorrow.

Proper Buckhorn Draw: This porter is made with buckwheat and it's evident in the flavor. It's also somewhat earthy and herbal and pretty drinkable for a summer porter. 4.0%. Available at Proper Brewing and Avenues Proper.

Salt Flats Jitterbug: I havn't tried this lager yet. It's described as having cucumber added. 4.0%. Avaiable at The Garage Grill in Draper.

Latitude 33 Blood Orange IPA: The nose here is strong with orange citrus. The taste is more subdued and not as strong as the aroma, but the IPA shines with a good dose of bitterness. Nice balance. 7.2%. Available at Beer Bar.

Latitude 33 Honey Hips: Honey and pear dominate this strong ale that offers a good dose of citrus zest for balance. A tad sweet but overall very good. 8.3%. Available at Beer Bar and Bayou.

Latitude 33 Mangovaza IPA: The aroma has mango with hints of guava, papaya and passion fruit. The taste has mango followed by some mellow habanero heat. It's rounded out by guava, papaya and citrusy tropical hops. An excellent peppery IPA.7.2%. Available at Beer Bar.

Odell St. Lupulin:  The aroma has citrus zest, tropical fruit and biscuit malts. The flavor is more citrus zest along with lemon, tangerine, tropical fruit, grass while caramel sweetness backs it all up. A very nice DIPA. 6.5%. Available at the Bayou.

Odell Extra Special Red: Pine, and citrus in the nose. Brown sugar, and woody/nutty notes combined with tangy, leafy hops create a spicy/woody flavors that are nicely balanced. 9.1%. Available at the Bayou.

Three breweries are throwing anniversary parties this Saturday: Uinta, Talisman and Strap Tank are all celebrating and each would like to share their Saturday with you. For details on each celebration check out the individual social media pages for these breweries.

And if that's not enough: Snowbird's Brewfest hits this Saturday and Sunday. Over 25 Local and national breweries will be pouring their beer.


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