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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Policy Kings Brewery Needs Your Help

To (the best of) my knowledge Cedar City, Utah has never had a brewery. I'm sure at some point in the state's distant pass a small brewery may have existed in the small Mormon founded mining community, but I can't find any trace of one. The nearest breweries I were able to located existed in nearby Beaver, Utah: The George Buchner Brewery A. A. Fischer Brewery and the Jas. Valentine Brewery. managed to stay afloat at different stages from 1874 - 1884.

Some Cedar City residents are looking to rectify this omission in the history books by finally bringing craft beer to the thirsty beer lovers of Southern Utah. The Policy Kings Brewery (named for the infamous Chicago gambling racketeers) is looking to build their new brewery/brewpub near Southern Utah University and could use an infusion of cash.

A Barnraiser campaign has been set up to help Policy Kings gain momentum. With your support, all funds will contribute to finishing construction to the building and equipment. This will also get the doors open faster. The funding effort will only be successful if they can reach $5,000 by 7/5/18. This isn't the final goal, but it's the minimum needed to keep the project alive.

If you have a few spare quatloos left in your beer fund consider throwing some their way. We all benefit from a broader craft beer community, right? Here's a link to their Barnraiser page along with their Facebook. Best of Luck, Policy Kings!


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