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Friday, June 01, 2018

New Beer Friday 6/1/18

Welcome to June! I haven't been around much so the majority of these of New Beer Friday beers have basic descriptions. Have a great weekend!
Kiitos Big Gay Ale: The is beer has a nice fuchsia appearance that has an aroma of hibiscus and lemon. The taste is somewhat similar. The hibiscus drives this beer for the most part. Some light citrus like hops in the end. If you get you ass over to the brewery's pub you'll also have the added option of getting your Big Gay Ale dosed with edible glitter. That's right; at some point you'll have disco party during your morning constitutional. Go team America! 4.0%. Available at Kiitos, Bayou.

2 Row Pineapple Mango Sour: I haven't tried this one yet. It's described as tart fruity and crisp with a dry finish. 6.4%. Available at 2 Row, Bayou.

Pelican Honey Citrus Pale Ale:  I haven't tried this one yet. Described as having Citrus honey and apricot notes. 5.0%. Available at the Bayou.

Fisher/Desert Edge Rye Pale Ale: Not tried this collaboration beer yet. It's made with Azacca and El Dorado hops. 4.0%. Available only at Fisher and Desert Edge.

Stone I'm Peach DIPA: Described as a typical Stone DIPA with the additions of peach of course, subtle pine, mandarin orange and pineapple notes. 8.8% ABV. Available the Bayou.

Don't forget that tomorrow is the 2018 Mountain Brewers Festival. You can get tickets online here or they ca be purchased at Bohemian Brewing or Roosters Brewing. You cannot buy them at the festival this year.


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Matthew said...

SaltFire released a DIPA called 12 Monkeys yesterday. It's a nice, balanced DIPA.