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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Utah's Winners at 2020 Best of Craft Beer Awards

Last weekend (Feb 7-9) 96 beer judges gathered in Bend, Oregon for the 2020 Best of Craft Beer Awards. 170 winning breweries from 33 states took home medals for their exceptional beer that covered 95 categories.

Utah's brewers managed to snag a handful of medals from the international competition. If you get a chance, stop in to one of these fine breweries and try (or get re-acquainted with) one of these fine medal winners.

Uinta Brewing Company - Golden Spike [Bronze] - American-Style Wheat Beer Category

Uinta Brewing Company - Yard Sale  [Silver] - German-Style Maerzen or Oktoberfest/Wiesn

Templin Family Brewing - Leichte Weiss Bier [Gold] - Other German-Style Wheat Beers

A complete list of winners can be found here.

Congrats to Uinta and T.F.!

Credit: Original Gravity Events

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