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Monday, February 17, 2020

Muddy Creek Brewery Needs a Hand

Normally, we here at Utah Beer try to keep the content focused only on local beer issues and events. However, when others in the craft beer community are met with unforeseen setbacks it's only right for good neighbors to show up, and help in anyway they can.

In the early hours of Thursday, January 23rd, the Muddy Creek Brewery of Butte Montana was destroyed by a devastating fire that consumed the brewery's landmark 100 year old building. It took firefighters 6 hours to get a handle on the blaze. The entire 2nd floor of the building was consumed. The taproom, the artwork, the awards, the photos of family and friends – all completely lost. Sadly Muddy Creek was about to celebrate their fifth year this month.

Currently the owners and staff are all attempting to sort through the aftermath, physically, mentally, and emotionally in order to move forward resurrecting the business and lives of the small 11 person staff. 

To help, a fundraiser page has been created by friends of the brewery to help offset the mounting expenses that are quickly piling up. Let's show our pals in Butte that Utah has their back and we wish Muddy Creek Brewing and their community a speedy and prosperous return.


Photo credits: Mtstandard.com, Krin Riedel (below)

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