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Friday, February 28, 2020

New Beer - Brewery Friday 2/28/20

Utah, you are getting your first brewery of 2020 this week, though the beers are in extremely limited availability. Grid City debuted three of their beers last night at a "Tap Takeover" over at the Commonwealth Room last night. Grid City's tap room and kitchen still has a couple of weeks to go before it's ready for customers, but I did get your first preview of what they have.

Grid City - Honey Cream Ale: This is loaded with local honey and you can definitely taste it. The hops are floral and light and the whole beer finishes quite dry. If you're a fan of honey ales, this one may go straight to the top of your list. 5.0%

Grid City - Pale Ale: A biscuity pale with caramel malts generating a filling malt profile and the hop profile that covers an equally profound bitterness. Flavors of pine resins, fruit and pepper. Finishes with a lingering fruity and spicy hop profile and moderate bitterness. 4.6%

Grid City - English Brown Ale: The taste here is pumpernickel, burnt malts: chocolate, caramel and molasses with roasted nuts and a touch of dark fruit. A floral hop smack rides in the back. Aftertaste is malty and toasty. This was probably my favorite. 4.2%

The Rest of your New Beer Friday is quite stellar. There's quite a few new local option and some very tasty out of market stuff.  

Epic - Super IPA Me: This big ass IPA is made with apricots, Citra and two of the hottest new hops on the market Grüngeist and Styrian Dragon. The  Grüngeist hops add flavors of Passion Fruit, Melon, Berries, Fleshy Fruit and Sweet Pepper. Styrian Dragon offer intense floral character and moderate herbal and citrus tones. All of this is wrapped up in a hearty 12.0% IPA. This one goes on sale Leap Day (2/29) and will available in 32 ounce crowlers. Very limited availability in SLC. So, don't wait too long to snag this one.

Hoppers - Burnout Brown: This is a German-style lager made with Utah grown Solstice barley malt, German Munich and dark caramelized malt. Well hopped at 24 IBUs, and late hopped with US Sterling hops and German Perle hops. A nice combination of spicy and floral hops with toasted and caramel malt. Dark but drinks light.

RoHa - Millennium Falcon: This is a red ale dry hopped with Falconers Flight hops. It has a slight tropical nose with malty notes. The flavor is toasted malt up front with a slight lemon finish. This is the first in series of dry hopped reds that will be available on draft at RoHa. 5.0%

Proper - Belgo-Blitz: Tropical flavors abound in this Belgian-esque NEIPA. You get some citrus peel as well with the slightest amount of clove from the yeast. Generally not my style, but I did enjoy this one. 5.0% - Available at Proper.

Proper- Plum Sour Ranger: The sourness of the version seems slightly tuned down to allow the tartness and sweetness from the plum to shine. It all comes off as nice balanced drinkable fruit sour.  5.0% - Available at Proper.

Proper - Guava Lamp: The guava is potent, but it’s not being a dick about it. There’s not a lot of wheat, but what is there is nice and biscuity. 🤘 5.0% - Available at Proper.

Bewilder Kellerbier: Missed out on this one, but I'll post an update later this afternoon. on Utah Beer's Instagram 5.0%    

Uinta - Blueberry Unicorn Glitter Ale: Missed out on this one, but I'll post an update later this afternoon. on Utah Beer's Instagram 5.0%  

Salt Flats -  Bombshell Belgian Red Sour: Missed out on this one, but I'll post an update later this afternoon. on Utah Beer's Instagram 5.0%  

Hopkins - Black Sesame Stout: Roasty stout profile with a toasted sesame finish. 5.0% -Available at Hopkins. 

Hopkins Small Batch Friday Beers:

Raspberry Wine Ale

Root amBeer

Autobahn Ale

Strawberry Peach Saison

WTF Jalapeño/Garlic ESB

House Roadhouse Rye

Horchata Cream Ale

Chocolate Peanu butter Stout

Revision/Shoe Tree - Disco Ninja: This collaboration beer between two of Northern Nevada's favorite breweries is a NEIPA. The nose is very mild with melon and citrus along with floral hops. The taste follows with more grassy hops, mango and peppery orange peel. Very little bitterness. 7.0% - Found at Slackwater (Sandy) and Angry Goat.

Slaapmutske - (FLOSS) Kriek: The aroma is subtle with cherry, vinegar, lemon and oak. Some sweet malts up front in the taste, with sour fruit notes of blackberry, cherry and apple cider. Finishes quite dry with 'oaky tannins' (the name of of my bluegrass band). 5.0% - Exclusively on draft at the Bayou.

De la Senne Narrenvat: This is a brown ale, aged for 10 months in oak barrels with Brettanomyces. It is inspired by the English beers of the past. Look for flavors of red fruits (alcohol preserved cherries) and notes of malt (biscuit, brown candied sugar, caramel, and roasted hazelnuts). It's lightly bitter and sour, with wine accents. 5.8% - Exclusively at the Bayou.

Garden Path - The Curious Mix Methods: Missed this one. 6.9% found at the Bayou.

Cigar City - Margarita Gose: Missed this one. MAde with orange peel and lime essence. 4.2% Found at the Bayou.


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