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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Home Brewing in Utah is Finally Legal!

I mentioned this briefly yesterday, but Utah finally became the the 46th state to legalize homebrewing. Now all but four states; Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi and Oklahoma have made homebrewing legal.

Yesterday, Governor Jon M. Huntsman, Jr. of Utah signed into law legislation that makes homebrewing beer legal. The "Exemption for Alcoholic Beverage Manufacturing License" was sponsored by Representative Christine A. Johnson.

Squatters Pub Brewery's brewmaster Jennifer Talley says the relationship between professional and amateur brewers has always been a tight one and legalizing homebrewing will allow this relationship in Utah to evolve and grow.

"Homebrewing is truly an art and most professional brewers I know were once homebrewing in their kitchen. Utah beer enthusiast will now have the freedom to express their deepest beer desires through perfecting the craft of homebrewing in their own kitchens," says Talley.

There are currently three exciting home brew clubs in Utah, that number is expected to grow now that home brewers are no longer deviants, fraught with mischief.

So go home and celebrate with a pint of your favorite homebrew and if you have none, get ass out to your nearest homebrew supply store(links are to the right) and get it in gear. Your basic kit will run you about seventy bucks, and in a few weeks you'll be sucking down something special.

-"Give a man a beer and he can waste an hour. Teach a man to brew and he can waste a lifetime". Cheers!


kent said...

Congratulations to all of us! Thanks a ton to Douglas Warzynski, Mark Alston, Representative Johnson, Gary Glass from the AHA and all those that helped out giving this a voice and pushing it through.

We homebrewers owe you a pint!

Anonymous said...

Cheers! One small step for man one giant leap for mankind!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I owe a beer to everyone involved -- and it doesn't even have to be my crappy homebrew ;)

Cache Valley Brewing Co said...

Mike, I tried all three links to the Utah homebrewing groups, but none of them seemed to work.

Are they still around, or was I just "clicking" wrong?

Eric J. Wheeler said...

ZZ Hops are still around. Yeah for homebrewing! We have now joined the rest of the country.

Muffin man said...

Cheers to Art Frewin one of the OG brewers of SLC
Brew Free or DIE

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your Blog and read it often. None of your Club links are valid. Could you please update them!

Anonymous said...

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