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Friday, August 21, 2009

The Book of Brew

A reading from the the Book of Brew. Chapter 11, verse 9 through 21. "And St. Arnold raised his barrel upon high saying 'Oh lord, bless this - thy Divine Keg, that I may shatter it's bung with thy heavy mallet in thy mercy'... And the lord didth grin. And the droves of people were showered with all manner of beer both dark and light". Well...it doesn't technically say that in the book... Something to think about for the second edition.

What the bloody hell am I talking about? Well The Book of Brew is RedRock Brewing Company's bible, per say. It chronicles most every one of the 40+ beers that Red Rock has brewed over the past 15 years.

Inside are descriptions of each beer, along with any awards they may have won. Short bios for each of their brewers, and a little bit about the brewing process. It has been available on all tables since the 4th of July and is also available for sale.

RedRock is hoping to be able to push ahead with a second edition when they run through the first. Amen!

1 comment:

Douglas said...

This is an awesome idea. I'm definitely going to buy one. Red Rock has done some really cool things: first, they always update their 'on tap' feature on the website, and second, they have a complete and updated list of beers and descriptions on the site as well. I really like knowing what's available so I can always come by for any new beer and not miss it. All of the brewpubs should do this.