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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Around Town 5/27

If you've been interested in grabbing some of Uinta's New Crooked Line beers, wait no more. They are defiantly available at the wine store on 1700s. & 300w. and a few other liquor stores.

From personal experience the store employees will likely not know what the hell your talking about. They'll look at you like you have a second head growing out of your chest. Be calm, explain exactly what they look like and ask if they could please check in the back. It's not the clerks fault, the local beer phenomenon is still new to most of the liquor store employees. The most Knowledgeable beer people are at 1615 Foothill Blvd, (Wine Store) 255 South 300 East and (Wine Store) 280 W Harris Ave.

If you live outside Salt Lake County ask your stores manager if they could please order some.

There should also be Select Epic Brewing labels available at the state stores by now. And speaking of Epic, three new beers from the new brewery should be available today or tomorrow at the brewery, bars and liquor stores. They include.




Tim said...

So I've been trying to track down the Tilted Smile Imperial Pilsner for a few days now to no avail. I just talked to a guy over at the DABC Club Store and he said it came into the warehouse yesterday. He is going to order some so we can pick it up at the Club Store tomorrow. Just in time for the weekend and sooner than it will be available at the other stores around town!

Now to just make through these next two days of work...


Douglas said...

Did you try the BW yet Tim? It was amazing. Much smoother and really well balanced than other versions of it.

Tim said...

I haven't tried the Cockeyed Cooper yet. I'm glad to hear it's different than the other Uinta BWs. I love the old versions but it's sweet to have new local BW flavors!

Plang said...

I went to the Foothill store yesterday. They didn't have any of new Uintas or Epic beers. They did take the time to check the warehouse system, and told me that only the Uinta BW was available, and they only saw one or two of the Epics. Either they are slow getting things into the system or they don't have them yet. Either way, most of the stores won't see these for a week or two (or more at this rate).

Mikey said...

Steve from Uinta assured me that they are all in the system and have been for over a week.

Monopolies get things done when they feel like it I guess. Until Uinta get their packaging agency license, we're at their mercy.

Hopefully ColbyLee reads this. He'd know where they are in the system.

Plang said...

Good to know. Now if they could get them out of the system in actually into the stores, that would be great.

joe said...

no sign of Epic or the Unita beers at the 3rd and 3rd liquor store, the guy said they were in the system but didn't know when they would get them...I did find a few bottles of the BBB from Unita though.

shead said...

The only place I found any of the Crooked Line was at the Main Street Liquor Store. Neither wine store had any, and neither did the foothill location.