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Friday, May 14, 2010

New Beer Friday 5/14/10

One of my favorite things about Friday, besides the fact that its Friday is that it's also new beer day. Today there are quite a few new offerings around town.

First is Unibroue Quelque Chose. This one hasn't been around for quite a while. This is actually a very versital beer. It can be served hot to 160ºF or it can be cool. It can also be served on the rocks, as an aperitif. It's full of cherries that are soaked for months in slightly bitter ale before being blended into the fresh beer. Quelque Chose is made with dark roasted malts. The most original of the Unibroue line. Quelque Chose is available at The Bayou and Select liquor stores.

The following are only at the Bayou. Mark gets these special orders every now and then and they're usually very limited in quantity so don't wait too long.

First off there are the Mikkeller Single Hop IPAs. If your new to IPAs or want to get to know your hops better, these are the perfect beers to try. Most IPAs are made with more than one variety of hop. All of these beers are exactly the same except for the Hop bill. If you want to teach your pallet the difference between the different hops styles these are a good teaching tool.

The Bayou has Nugget IPA, East Kent IPA, Chinnok IPA, Centennial IPA, Cascade IPA, Warrior IPA and Simcoe IPA. Also available from Mikkeller is the Stateside IPA, Nelson Sauvin IPA, Big Worst Barlewine.

Also, at the Bayou is Sierra Nevada's Southern Hemisphere Harvest. This is the first (known)time that an American brewer has put out a beer with fresh-picked hops from the southern hemisphere. The inaugural ale features fresh Pacific Hallertau, New Zealand Motueka and New Zealand Southern Cross hops, all from New Zealand.

Jolly Pumpkin Bam Noir is a dark Saison that is naturally cloudy, bottle conditioned with Caramelized malt, wild yeasts, sour-dough bread, ginger, spices, and a touch of hops. It also has a bit of sourness that is rather crisp and dry. The finish is drying and then has a lingering sour.

Is that enough to help you get your beer on this weekend?

And don't forget about the beer garden at the Fisher Mansion this Saturday from 5-9.



Mark said...

Who gets to be Mario and who gets to be Donkey Kong?

Andrew said...

I stopped at the Bayou and had the Simcoe IPA, awesome stuff. If you love IPA's the Mikkeller's are a must try. Thanks to the folks at the Bayou for getting these back in. Mikkeller is one of my favorite breweries. Cheers.

colbylee said...

The Unibrou (spell scheck) is at the club warehouse (1700 south 900 west) we have about 2 cases.

kent said...

Stopped in for a Bam Noir and St. Feu..ll..n something Saison. Saison was amazing. I'm on the fence about the Noir. It was dry almost to the point of cloying for me. I may have to try another just to see if I can nail down the flavor.