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Monday, May 24, 2010

Hoppers' Pils Gets an Upgrade

Hoppers has a new release due out soon in their Storehouse Reserve line. This is the Pilsner may be a familiar name to you if you frequent Hoppers. It's the name of their multiple gold medal winning lager. The name may be the same but this brew is something more.

It's a bigger version at 5.5% abv, more malt, more hops, more IBU's, and a beautiful rich gold color, crisp flavor, and a long lasting creamy white head. All German hops, malt and yeast strain. Very beer is very German in taste and aroma.

You'd never know it by looking outside this morning, but Summer is on the way. Your going to need another good local lawnmower beer... This is the Pilsner.

Brewmaster and Secret Agent Donovan Steele says, "it Should be available for purchase at the brewpub - in six packs in the next two weeks".


1 comment:

Andy said...

Yes! This sounds great! I haven't gotten excited for a while but a good German pils is exactly what the gullet ordered. -Andy sagt prost!