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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Beer on Hold in Roy

If your reading this you are most likely an element of society that the city of Roy has concerns with.

No stores in Roy will be getting a new beer license for up to six months. The city council has voted unanimously to stop issuing licenses until officials decide how to regulate how licenses are approved and distributed.

The council is concerned about the number of beer-selling stores popping up near schools and churches. "I'm less concerned about the density and more concerned about the proximity to churches and schools," said Councilman Michael Stokes. "It's similar to the check-cashing stores. It brings in an element."

Yes, there's that word again, Element.

Apparently convenience stores like restaurants have to sell a certain percentage of food over alcohol to get a beer license. The council wants to figure out how to monitor that.

I'd like to remind the council that we do still live in Utah (I was surprised to find this out as well), and the local majority will always keep the status quo. So I wouldn't worry your pretty lil' heads over it.


Source: Rachel J. Trotter Standard-Examiner

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Anonymous said...

Stupid Roy!