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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Help Congress, Help You!

Taxes are an inevitable and essential part of our society, they should be fair and they should be smart. The fault lies upon we the taxpayers if our representative fail to do the right thing on our behalf.

Recently the subject of beer taxation was heavily debated in Washington D.C. Whatever your stance on beer is you can't ignore the fact that beer is one of the most highly taxed commodities in America.

Each beer you drink contains Malted Barley - Hops - Water - Yeast - Federal Excise Taxes - State Excise Taxes - Normal Sales Taxes and some other kind of beer-specific or alcohol-specific sales tax. The United States Congress currently needs to hear from you regarding two bills pertaining to beer taxes.

This isn't about the taxes that beer drinkers pay directly, it's about the taxes that brewers pay to ship and sell their product. The nature of the brewing industry has changed vastly in the past thirty years. The tax codes have not. The objective of the current movement in Congress is to update the codes and bringing them inline with the realities of today's brewing industry. If you enjoy your suds you should let Congress know that you support the proposed changes.

Currently, there are two bills before Congress. In the House of Representatives, HR 4278. In the Senate, S 3339. Please contact your representative in congress and urge them to cosponsor or vote for legislation that would benefit our local breweries.

Here are links to help you find your Representative and our Senators.


Source: Washington Beer Blog

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