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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Uinta Walks a Crooked Line

Uinta Brewing Company announced last week it's producing a new line of beers. The Crooked Line series will be a limited edition tier of the Uinta brand consisting of special 750 ml cork - finished bottles of unique, high alcohol beer.

The Crooked Line describes beers that may not follow stringent style guidelines. Such diversions empower brewers to draw on their experience in exploring new beers and brewing techniques.

The initial release of the Crooked Line includes four beers, the names of which play upon the word "crooked." Labyrinth Black Ale is aged in rye and bourbon barrels, and is 13.2% alcohol by volume. Cockeyed Cooper Bourbon Barrel Barley Wine is 11.1% alcohol by volume, and is wood-aged for six months. Detour Double India Pale Ale is 9.5% alcohol by volume, and is brewed with four hop varieties. Lastly, Tilted Smile Imperial Pilsner measures at 9% alcohol by volume.

Uinta intends to brew other varieties of Crooked Line beers, including single-production varieties, or beers that are available only for a short period of time, perhaps either for a special occasion or to satisfy a brewers creative whim.

Look for the Crooked Line series within the next couple of weeks at bars, liquor stores and eventually the brewery. This is just more proof of Utah's ever changing craft beer landscape. This is looking to be Utah most diverse beer year ever!



kent said...

This is very cool. I'm continually impressed with the great stuff our local brewers are putting out.

Douglas said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Awesome.

Ricky H. said...


Plang said...

All sorts of interesting stuff coming out this year. I can't remember ever seeing this many varieties rolling out at one time.

Fredrik said...

More beer is good news indeed. Can't wait to try 'em.