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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

BrewDog Dogma in SLC

BrewDog Brewing out of Fraserburgh, Scotland makes some of the strangest, most innovative beer in the world. "Bayou Mark" brings them into Salt Lake occasionally and his latest acquisition is one of the strangest yet.

Dogma is an ale, brewed with guarana, poppy seeds and kola nut all blended together with Scottish heather honey.

The nose has some honey sweetness with a spice, boozy, yeasty, fruitiness. The taste is slightly sweet and malty up front, there's a nice lingering spicy hop profile that lingers on through the finish keeping it balanced. Honey is only faintly noticed and there is definitely a nuttiness. Not sure exactly what to make this beer, it's very flavorful but muddled. Not sure if it's the hops or combination of the unique ingredients being used. @ The Bayou.



Douglas said...

Do we know the bottle size? Man, I'm hoping for a 12 ounce bottle. The 750s are expensive.

Mikey said...

It's a 660ml.

Craig said...

Doug, I picked up a bottle last week when I was in CA. So you'll have it soon!

Douglas said...

Craigers you the man!

xl pharmacy said...

I's like to taste it, because it is based on guarana and that's perfect to keep us with energy, by the way I want you to post more about liquors.