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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Fall Beer News

The Bayou just got a shload of great new beers in. If your in a funk and are looking for something unique to help get your groove back - listen up!

Jolly Pumpkin

La Roja: Crabapples and sour apples are the flavors that comes to mind, along with a little fruit juice and other bits of delicious sourness.

La Parcela: Sour apples and lemon peel combine along with a hint of funk. Pumpkin and light nutmeg spices really only come through in hints toward the end.

Bam: Taste is very tart and fruity with strong lemon notes upfront and lighter notes of orange and pear in the back along with light spice.

ES Bam: A great balance of hoppy and tart-funk. Like a funked-out Belgian IPA. Dry and tart; guava and exotic fruit flavors are also noticeable, they meld with the tropical-fruity hops.

Luciérnaga: Nicely tart, with tropical fruit notes of apple, banana and tangerine. Next comes a long spicy clove and coriander finish with some wild yeast funkiness and wee tangerine rind bitterness.


Barrel Aged Chipotle Porter (Texas Ranger): A nice roasted malt flavor. There are some great coffee and chocolate flavors, along with a nice chipotle bite with very little heat. The finish has some lingering roasted bitterness and a bit of chipotle flavor.


Trappist Extra: Caramel, over-ripened fruits, plums, prunes and raisins. Sweet up front, but a little spicy in the finish. Alcohol flavors in the aftertaste. Moderate bitterness, medium bodied with moderately high carbonation.

Blonde: Grainy, with sweet honey, peach, apricot and spicy coriander. Light hoppy and dry aftertaste.

See something you like? I thought so.



Mikey said...


kent said...

My god I'm positively giddy!

Do you mean in one night Mikey?

Realistically it'll probably take a couple weeks.

shead said...

I had the same thought. I gotta get some before Kent finishes them!

Mark said...

The Luciernaga truly blows me away. Similar to a Belgian Wit but with an amazing pepper flavor from the grains of paradise.

4rx coupon said...

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