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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Slackwater Pizza

Weber County has a new beer-centric restaurant that's gunna make a lot of northern beer lovers happy.

Slackwater Pizza,
located at 1895 Washington blvd in Ogden offers a varied menu that specializes in pizza of course, but also has beer menu that boasts nearly one hundred beers.

The only drawback for the casual craft beer lover is that this is a restaurant not a bar. Go in with that mindset and you should be fine.

If you love your beer it makes sense to patronize businesses that cater to you. It better for your community and it creates a demand for quality beers in areas that may get overlooked otherwise.



Anonymous said...

Publican Pale Ale from Shade of Pale brewing Co is on draft.

Anonymous said...

And delicious.

Rosa Smith said...

I went to this place last year and it's really comfortable and cheap. Keep up the good work and also keep posting.

xlpharmacy said...

This is a nice place I have dinner there yesterday and the food it's great. Thanks for share.