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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Golden Halo: Reborn

Remember Golden Halo Blonde Ale from RedRock Brewing? It arrived nearly a year ago to mixed reviews. Some loved the extreme blend of Nobles hops and Pils malt, while others found the bitterness and earthiness too overwhelming.

Personally I liked it, but that damn label really made for some sleepless nights.

Beer Yogi, Kevin Templin has re-invented Golden Halo Blonde Ale and RedRock's art department has provided us with a more tranquil bottle to stare at.

The all new Golden Halo has a bright golden color with subdued malty character and Nobel hop aroma. Its crisp, clean flavor comes from a balance between German malt and Czech hops. It comes in RedRock's perfectly sized 500ml bottle with a 5.8% abv.

The reborn Golden Halo will debut today (10/18/11) at 5pm at RedRock Place (Fashion Place Mall).



kent said...

Anyone try this yet?

I really didn't mind the old version and I'm looking forward to trying this as well.

Mikey said...

I had it last night. It was very good. I had a bottle of the original last weekend to compare. There are definatly similarities, it tastes the same but more mellow and clean. It still has a good hop profile, but not near as potent.

It should have come out a few months ago. It's a great warm weather beer.

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