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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Beer Lovers Mimosa

Epic's award winning Witbier returns this today. And if that wasn't enough, starting today (April 10th) the brewery will be offering a brewery only special. A Blood Orange Wit. If your not able to get to the brewery to try it, Brewmaster Kevin Crompton will be doing another blood orange Wit in a cask that will be making it's way to the Mountain Brewers Festival in Idaho Falls, June 2nd. Sounds like my kind of Mimosa!

There's only a few more hours left to vote on Utah's Elite 8 beers. Tomorrow morning, we go straight to the final four, with the final beginning next Monday. Brackets are here.



Douglas said...

Just to clear this up. The Blood Orange is currently a cocktail; a mix of oranges and the Wit beer in the glass.

Anonymous said...

I had Epic's Wit last night. It was delicious. May have to pick up some more on the way home.