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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Round Three - Part Two

Looks like Latter Day Stout managed to rally at the last minute to pull out a win over Cherny Bock. The second part of round three has two of the best pale ales going against each other while two of the states most highly rated beers enter the arena sooner than many had hoped.

Any predictions or observations?

Updated Bracket Here.



kent said...

Looks like it might be rough for Fifth Element, which makes me sad, but Labyrinth is so damn good too. And Reve vs. Outer Darkness is taking a surprising turn (to me at least) as well.

I'll say it right now, my hopes are on a 529 overall victory. However I'd be surprised if it did in the end as it's not a favorite for everyone's palate.

Definitely some fun matchups. Thanks for doing all this Mikey.

Ed said...

There'll be some tough "apples or oranges" choices here. I love 529 with a capital "L", but I wouldn't want it in every situation; it's not something I'm going to take a twelver of to a party, camping trip, whatever.

Good thing this is just for fun -- or I might be agonizing over it to a pathetic extent ;)

Heather said...

Aaaaah, 529 & Fifth Element must move to the Elite 8. Those are my favorites.