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Friday, April 06, 2012

New Beer Friday 4/6/12

New Beer Friday has some real treats for you this week. Bayou Mark has obtained two fabulous Belgian treats that'll make you squeal like Kent... well, like Kent squealing over new Belgian beers.

Omer Beer: Pours a bright golden yellow color with two fingers of white creamy head. The nose is of Belgian yeast, hints of citrus, bready notes and some grassy hops. The taste starts malty and bready with some yeast flavors. There is some grassy bitterness underlying the malt. Next comes a touch of alcohol sweetness that transitions into lightly sweet, malt and fades into a light bitterness that eventually turns dry and disappears. @Bayou

DeuS(Brut Des Flandres): The bottle presentation is beautiful. Pours a clear pale straw color with a white champagne-esque head that settles to larger bubbles. The nose is of light golden fruit with apple, pear, grape, slight citrus and bread. The taste starts with notes of fruity sweetness, spices, funk and yeast with hints of white grapes and pear. The finish is slightly phenolic with pleasant malty flavors in the background. The complexities are more pronounced the warmer it gets. @Bayou

Gordon Biersch beers are in at the Beerhive as well. Marzen, Maibock, Pils. Round Three is done! Check out the updated bracket here. Next week the Elite Eight voting will be on Monday & Tuesday and the Final Four, on Wednesday & Thursday Cheers!

1 comment:

kent said...

How could anyone not be giddy about all the new beer! That's my reserved face above by the way.