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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Utah Beer Challenge: Final Four

Four beers. That's all we have left. One Double IPA, a Wild Saison, a Black Imperial IPA and a good old American Session Pale Ale. Personally, watching the Squatters sour showdown was bittersweet. How do you choose between two beloved children? And the battle for the Dark side, between Dubhe and Barrel of Russians really kept things interesting. Whatever the out come the finals will definitely be diverse. Voting is in the column to the right.

Updated Bracket is here.



Anonymous said...

The worst of the four is going to win this?!?! That watered-down drink is barely better than bud.

Andylicious said...

Heather will kill me for posting this.

Utah ex-patriot Andy here. This poll has been fun to watch. Personally, I think it will be AWESOME if a standard pale ale wins this contest. Screw the imperial beers. They bore me. The Fifth Element is, in my opinion, one of the best beers on the entire planet, hands down, no question. We are talking God-mode hacks good. Beautifully inspired and inspiring. But I understand that a funky Saison is not for everybody, especially for the price point in this economy.

So god bless the American Pale Ale, even if it's not the Crest Trail (in my opinion, Utah's best Pale Ale). If there were only one style of beer available to me for the rest of my life, I'd hope that style would be the APA. It's the working man's beer (no, a real man doesn't drink corn lager, regardless of the color of his collar or his socioeconomic status).

Heather said...

I won't kill you Andy, I will be disappointed. ;)
I agree that the American Pale Ale is one of the best styles out there and I can drink a shit load of them.
But I do love the Fifth Element and could easily drink a shit ton of it.
That being said, may the best beer win.
Miss you Andy. :)

Andy Candy said...

Holy crap, I should have known she was monitoring these comments so closely.

Oh, Heather. I miss you and your beautiful pub and Squatter's delicious beers. A lot. And don't worry, I still voted for the 5th Element.

But who measures beer by the (shit) ton? I don't remember the FG of the 5th Element, but it's pretty "dry". Let's say the density of the 5th Element is 1.05 kg/L. That means that a ton of the 5E equals 1152 75cl bottles. I would happily drink 1152 bottles of the stuff. Not sure if my conversions/assumptions are correct; I'm sure Adam is cringing at my "science". I am also not sure the exact conversion between short ton and shit ton.

Douglas said...

The Fifth Element is the best beer ever made in Utah (OK, that I've had, but I've had a lot!). In fact, I brought a bottle to San Diego last week and shared it at Toronado. We had some Russian Rivers, Cable Car, etc. The Fifth Element was just as good if not better. It's just an amazing beer. And that's not putting down the others, but it is the best!

Heather said...

Andy, I am ashamed that you don't know the conversion between a short ton & a shit ton. You did used to work for a brewery and we used to drink a shit ton together.
Your "science" works for me.

And of course, I monitor these things. My new job is cyber stalking (cyber bullying when needed). :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! 30 plus votes for the pale come in over 10 minutes. I'm sure that was a coincidence.

Anonymous said...

Wow! The people leaving anonymous comments are pretty bitter. I myself love the 5th Element but the UPA is a solid and delicious beer, and I am not surprised at all that it won. Either way you look at it though, beer wins which means we all win!!

senordustin said...

Yeah. It is obvious who cheated. not bitter, just stating what's obvious. Thanks for doing the bracket. Great blog!

Anonymous said...

" watered down drink barely better than bud"? REALLY? I mean, r u serious? that has to be the most ignorant statement since General Conferance. 5th element is fantastic but far from Utahs best beer. Snobs.

Ed said...

I don't think it matters which beer wins; I like pretty much all of the beers I'm familiar with, and I kind of doubt the outcome of this is really going to change anyone's buying decisions in the future.

If there has been "foul play" (and I'm not going to speculate about the culprit), that's obviously pretty lame.

But also: Pretty god damned funny.