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Friday, April 05, 2013

Fresh Cask Friday: Pale Ale

Secret Agent and Hoppers Brewmaster, Donovan Steele has a new fresh cask for you today, and this one is all hopped up!

Dono took his Pale Morning Ale and has dry hopped it with Cascade and Sorachi Ace hops. These are in addition to the Cascade, Citra and El Dorado hops that were added late in the boil of the base beer. This is a single cask and will be tapped around 5pm @ Hoppers.

Also in the news today, former Squatters Brewmaster Jennifer Talley, who had moved to Washington to take over as brewery production manager at Redhook Brewery is leaving there to take on the role of lead brewer at Russian River Brewing. Talley will be starting in May and eventually will be taking over the brewery’s barrel program. Jenny's technique used in many of Squatters' barrel aged beers came from a close relationship with Russian River Owner, Vinnie Cilurzo. I guess it's just fitting that she'd end up there. Congrats Jenny!



kent said...

The cask selection sounds damn tasty. I do believe I'll check that out.

Big congratulations to Jenny. Pretty much my favorite beers are coming out of RR. Very cool.

Craig said...

That is great news, a perfect fit. Congratulations Jenny!

Chris Detrick said...

Great news indeed. Congrats Jenny!

Joe Snow said...

nice, does that mean utah we be able to get some russian river beers now?

Douglas said...

Joe asks the right question!

Ed said...

Wishful thinking ;)

Awesome news... Good for her.