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Monday, April 29, 2013

It's Tastes Like Sum'r in a Can!

Well, Uinta's canning line is at full steam now and it looks like it's time to start expanding their line once again. The newest beer to be released in cans is Sum'r. You won't miss this one on your grocery store shelves this spring/summer, that bright green can will scream at you from down the isle.

Sum'r has a slightly fruity, herbal nose with a crisp and malty front leading into a mild lemon/herbal hop flavor and mild bitterness. Finishes crisp as it began, dry and very clean.

Sum’r cans will be available in 6 packs as well as together with Wyld Extra Pale Ale in Uinta’s new canned Duo pack and are planned to hit the market in about  a week or two.  Sum’r will also be available in Uinta’s proprietary 12 oz. Compass Bottle.



GastronomicSLC.com said...

Hey Mikey. Do you know if Uinta's canned beers are being sold outside their own store right now?

I've been keeping my eyes peeled in various grocery stores for a while now, but not seen them in the wild?

Douglas said...

Looks like Squatters has a new beer on tap, Pineapple Express.

Ray said...

I saw one six pack of Baba cans at the Harmons at 7800 S. & 900 E. about 3 weeks ago, but i haven't seen it there since.

Ray said...
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kent said...

It seems like most of the whole foods stores have a large supply of the cans.

GastronomicSLC.com said...

Oddly enough, the same evening I posted the query I stopped by Harmon's Brickyard. Lo and behold they we're carrying at least three options. Cuttrhoat 12 packs $13.99, take up half the space of the bottled variety.