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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rumor de Jour: Shipyard/Seadog Brewing

It's rumor time again! Yup, it may be one of the more useless functions of what we do here at Utah Beer, but at least it keeps us in good conversation.

Today's rumor has to do with Shipyard/Seadog Brewing out of Maine. The East Coast breweries have been around since the mid 90s and a "little bird" tells me they may be entering the Utah Market soon.

Not sure what labels we'll see, they will most likely be bottled beers. The breweries tend to specialize in English style ales. I've sampled some of their beers at a couple of beer festivals and they're solid beers, great additions to the market.

Take it for what it's worth, some of these rumors pan-out and some will just annoy the shit out of you, 'til the next one comes along. No! I have no new info on Goose Island. I'm sad too....



Chris Detrick said...

I thought it was a bit odd to see a Shipyard truck in this year's St. Patrick's Day parade.

Mikey said...

Well, Ahoy Matie! Thanks, Chris.

Scot Singpiel said...

The Shipyard IPA is too good! Like you said, they tend to be more English style, which I like. I like a more well balanced and not over hopped IPA.

Thanks for the news.

stevecooks said...

Shipyard has a few beers I love. Their Old Thumper is a long time favorite of mine. (I lived in New England for years.) Their Pumpkinhead is one of the few pumpkin beers I can stomach. I even enjoyed Applehead.

I enjoyed Sea Dog a few times (1990s) at various brewpub locations that are now gone. I have eschewed their beers for a while. The last few beers of theirs I've had have been overly fruity (yuck) beers I've found at Trader Joe's.

I was surprised to see Shipyard's Export Ale in my local supermarket in Northern CA.