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Friday, April 12, 2013

New Beer Friday: 4/12/13

It's been a pretty bleak week for the local beer scene, but we've found a few new beers floating around out there to help get you weekend started off right.

Boulevard Brewing's Coffee Ale: Don't be fooled, this is not a stout or porter this beers base is might lighter, but it doesn't affect the overall body to much. The nose is freshly brewed coffee.The taste starts with sweet coffee & strong bitter chocolate notes. Toffee notes come next with some light herbal hops rounding out the back end. Finishes like a lightly sweetened Iced Coffee. It's 9.3% abv is very well hidden could be trouble if your not careful. @ Beerhive

Some people have reported seeing a 4% version of Henry Weinhard's Woodland Pass IPA. I havn't seen it or tried it. One reviewer described it as, "sweet with a wood taste and a strong tea flavor. Mildly grassy with a mild grapefruit flavor". If you've seen it, let us know where. @ Grocery?

If I've missed anything, please spread the "beer love"!



baldismetal said...

Purchased a six pack of the Henry Weinhards at the Smith's on 2100 S. 900 E for $5.99. I was pleased with the hop profile despite the 4% abv

Douglas said...

Squatters has a excellent new beer, Black Rye Pale Ale. It's basically a Black Pale Ale. Really good.

DJ said...

Low-point Henry Winehards Woodland Pass IPA is the 9th and 9th Smith's

Ray said...

Saw it as well at the Fresh Market on 4500 South & Highland.

DJ said...

And if you closely at the price tag, it's actually for Henry Winehards Summer Wheat 6 pack. Another low point "crafty" SABMiller beer on the shelves soon?

Mikey said...

From Jesse.
"I bought the Woodlands Pass IPA from the 7-11 store on 1700 S. and about 600 E.. It's the 7-11 next to the Arctic Circle, just prior to reaching 700 E."


Chris Detrick said...

Boulevard Coffee Ale was on sale at the Wine Store on 300 West.

Chris Detrick said...

Woodland Pass IPA was not very good in my opinion. There was no hop aroma and the flavor was bitter, bland and tasted nothing even close to resembling an ipa. The mouthfeel was watery with moderate carbonation. Every 4% IPA brewed in Utah is exponentially better than this beer.