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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

On Draft Today

There are couple of new drafts out right now that are primed to get into warm weather mode. Hear are some short descriptions.

RedRock Honig Helles: This brilliantly bright lager was made with guest brewer Andy Shaw, head brewer at Snow Eagle Brewing in Idaho Falls, Idaho. The nose is of sweet malt, more bready than caramel, with some hop presence beneath. The taste is basically "Honey Cereal". It's toasty with a honey sweetness. Hops are floral and grassy in the finish. A perfect summer brew. I've been really impressed by RedRock's lagers lately, definitely worth a try. Made with honey malt.

Squatters Pineapple Express: Not exactly sure if there's pineapple in there, but it does have hints of tropical notes. The nose is light grapefruit and honey. The taste starts off with mild bitterness moving to moderate bitterness. There’s a sweetness in the background that keeps the profile balanced. a little thin, but refreshing. The nitrogen conditioning create a creamy mouthfeel and really brings out the hops.



Kevin said...

Spot on observation about red rocks lagers, they seem to have nailed most German styles. Never would have thought of honey malt in a helles - can't wait to try. thanks for the info.

Brett said...

What's not on draft today is Squatters' Nitro Cream Ale, which according to the brewery has been discontinued. Although, they said they're hoping to expand their nitro offerings in its absence.