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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Special Edition of Epic's Copper Cone

On the heels of a successful special release of their Hopulent IPA (made with Mosaic hops), Epic Brewing has a new special edition of one of their more popular beers that they hope will catapult it into legendary status.

Epic's Copper Cone has been one the breweries brightest stars since it first came out a few years back, it's bright pine and citrus profile was an immediate hit with beer lovers, now with the help of an experimental hop, the brewers are hoping lightening can strike twice.

Experimental hop 01210 (yes that's it name) is the the latest addition to the brew. Nicknamed "Lemon Drop" by the brewery it imparts a lemon/lime quality to Copper Cone, along with the grapefruit profile of Simcoe and Summit hops. the result is a fresh tasting, summery pale ale that's deep malt profile complements the rind-like bitterness well.

Look for Copper Cone release 41 & 42 on the label, which should be on sale today. The Epic guys are also telling me they're thinking of using "Lemon Drop" in a coming batch of Hop Syndrome as well. That sounds like a perfect pairing!



Douglas said...

Let me say, the Mosaic Hopulent was awesome! I hope it is made regularly alongside the regular version.

Ray said...

To my knowledge they only have enough Mosaic hops to brew one more batch, at the moment.

kent said...

Douglas I agree, that beer was fantastic.

Craig said...

Release#40 also has the new hop (per Dave). The coolers have older releases mixed with the new ones, so be careful to get the right one.
Cooper Cone is a good beer, I like this hop in it. Lots of grapefruit and lemon peel.