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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"The King is Dead, Long Live the Kings"?

In what has become one of the states most prolific brewery booms in Utah's recent beer history, this weekend is set to make way for two new brewhouses, ending the short reign of Bonneville Brewing. It was looking like Vernal Brewing Co was going to be the next brewery to open, but it looks like a last minute decision will have both Vernal and the Avenues Proper Restaurant & Publik House opening on the same day. 4/27/13.

It won't be a hard decision for most because they are about a three hour drive apart, regardless it will be a good day for Utah's Beer lovers.

We'll throw some info at you, as it comes along.

Also, Bonneville Brewing will be having their grand opening this Friday evening. There is no excuse not to have a nice local craft beer this weekend.



D-Dub said...

Plus, the Proper will be pouring Bonneville's Redline Irish Red. Two new local breweries with one blow!

Douglas said...

So will the Avenues be pouring their own beer?

Mikey said...

Beer has been brewed, I don't know if it will be available for the weekend. Rio said the plan is to have multiple guest taps of his favorite local brands, while keeping his taps (4?)for rotating seasonals.

Mikey said...

Also, Vernal will be serving Epic beers along with theirs.

Matthew Walker said...

Oh man, staggering distance from the house. Can't wait to visit the Proper.

Rio Connelly said...

Sorry, a little misinformation flying around
beer has NOT been brewed, technical problems abound, brewing is short, and actual opening day is Saturday the 27th

Please update this with new info?
Check out our facebook page and website (avenuesproper.com) for exact details


Douglas said...

Somebody is giving Mikey bad info!

Mikey said...

For some reason a 5 looks the same as a 7. It's been corrected. My apologizes.

Rio Connelly said...

no problem at all, i was probably the source of bad info, just wouldn't want anybody disappointed when they show up, thanks!

Scot Singpiel said...

Mikey, thanks for the info. Love your blog as a resource for Utah beer news.

Mikey said...

Thanks, Scott. Cheers!