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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Black o' Lantern from Wasatch

You'd never know it from the temperatures outside, but Autumn is here. Well, as far as beer is concerned anyway. Oktoberfest-biers, Feld Beers (pumpkin) and Harvest Ales will all be showing up in the coming days to get an early start on you third quarter beer enjoyment.

One of the new entries into the local fall beer scene is Black o' Lantern from Wasatch. This beer owes it's existence to the blending of Wasatch's Pumpkin Ale and Polygamy Porter at festival and tap rooms from years past. The Honchos at the UBC figured they had a winner on their hands and developed a new recipe feturing an all new recipe with a Stout Base instead of a Porter and it's all wrapped up in one handy-dandy package.

Look for a black beer with a nose full of pumpkin pie spices (especially nutmeg) that combines nicely with roasted malt and chocolate. The taste starts with pumpkin pie spices and transisions to the base stout's roasted malt and chocolate character. Nice medium bodied, with an ABV of 6.5%.

Black o' Lantern was just bottled and is in the cold case at the the UBC's Beer Store. Look for it in Liquor Stores and better beer bars in the coming weeks. Black o' Lantern also get's my vote for best beer name to come along in quite some time.

Wasatch's Seasonal Pumpkin Ale is also out right now, if your really craving that slice of pie in a glass.



kent said...

Great label. Sounds delish.

Mikey said...

I was informed by the mad scientists at the UBC that the base beer is actually Outer Darkness blended with Pumpkin Ale. They brew them separately and blend them in a bright beer tank.

kent said...

That sounds perfect.

John Irving said...

Oh my. I can't freaking wait til this hits DABC here in Ogden. I don't care if it's only August.

Ray said...

I've had it already, it's very tastey!

Douglas said...

Awesome! Anything with Outer Darkness in it is great. And cool label.

bigstevesdaughter said...

Oh my, this is yummy. Hard to decide which I like better - Black O'Lantern or Devastator.