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Friday, August 22, 2014

New Beer Friday - Beer Camp Edition

Many of you (including me) have been screaming for the Beer Camp brews from Sierra Nevada, they're final here! but in very limited supply and locations. You can find the following Beer Camps at the Bayou and the Beer Bar. Sadly I've not had a chance to try any of these new beers. I hear good things about all of them.

Beer Camp - Alt Route
Beer Camp - CANfusion Rye Bock
Beer Camp - Chico King
Beer Camp - Double Latte
Beer Camp - Electric Ray
Beer Camp - Maillard's Odyssey
Beer Camp - Myron's Walk
Beer Camp - Tater Ridge
Beer Camp - There And Back
Beer Camp - Torpedo Pilsner
Beer Camp - Yonder Bock
Beer Camp - Yvan The Great

Deschutes - Dopple Dinkle Bock: Havn't tried yet. 10.5% ABV @ Beer Bar

RedRock Fröhlich Pils: This beer has a great floral and grassy nose that full of toasty grains and dry herbal grassy bitterness. The finish is dry and lingering with a hint of sulfur. 5.5% ABV @ RedRock Locations now. Wide release soon.

The Annex is getting into the Firkin fun and will be offering firkins of Epic/Annex beer every Friday starting at 4:30 pm. Their first offering will be the Annex's Schwarzbier Coffee firkin for $4 a pint.

Another Annex beer is also be served via Firkin today at the Bayou. The Brett Pale Ale collaboration with the Lauter Day Homebrew Club is being offered up. This is the same beer that was served-up last month at the Annex, just conditioned for the firkin. Tapping is at 3pm.

And a reminder that this weekend is the Beehive Brew-off Homebrew Competition. The Awards will be held Sunday around 5pm at the Bayou. We will post the results here as soon as all of the awards are given out. 



Erick said...

Sku:919358SIERRA NEVADA BEER CAMP 355ml Status:S Special Order
Not for Sale to the General Public
Store Name Qty Address City Phone
0006 LOGAN 24 75 WEST 4TH NORTH LOGAN 801-752-4145

Geoff Blomquist said...

Maillards odyssey is awesome! Firkin pints at The Annex will be $3 tonight. Yum yum Friday y'all.

Douglas said...

Saw a 12 pack of the Beer Camp at my local Win-Co a super cheap grocery store for 21$. They must have made a ton.