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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

RedRock's New Fröhlich Pils

Prescription Pils. That's what we were supposed to be talking about this morning, but the gubment said, "no, no, no you don't". Ya see, the happy - beer loving kids at RedRock Brewing have this brilliant new brew coming out for you to enjoy, but the branding fell apart. Prescription Pils apparently implies a "health benefit" to consumers. As often happens in these situations serendipity stepped in perform damage control and the world is a better place for it.

So the RedRock crew, knowing that the government only speaks english, came up with the idea to change the name to "Happy Pils" (get it) and just to make sure they wouldn't have a problem with that - "Happy" took on it's German wording Fröhlich and now we have Fröhlich Pils! It's great name, don't you agree? 

Now, names aside; the Beer Yogi, Kevin Templin takes his German Pilsners very seriously.  “The recipe for a German Pilsner is very simple, but it’s not easy to make”,  says Templin.  “There’s nowhere to hide a flaw in this beer.  You can’t mask it with alcohol and you can’t hide behind your hops…you have to nail it every time.” This beer has a great floral and grassy nose that full of toasty grains and dry herbal grassy bitterness. The finish is dry and lingering. 
The ABV is 5.5% and is packaged in RedRocks signature 500mL bottle.

Fröhlich Pils will be available beginning Thursday at all Red Rock Brewing pubs and the Red Rock Beer Store located at 443 North 400 West.

If you've fallen away from the classic pilsners now is the perfect time to start. There are many new local pilsners floating around the market and this a perfect lager to start with.


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Matthew said...

Had it tonight. Delicious. Very nice work!