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Monday, December 01, 2014

2014 Fifth Element is Finally Here

Alright kids listen up, that Fifth Element beer that we all cherish so damn much is being released today (12/2/14). You had better go buy some before Kent buys it all up. If you think I'm joking? I'm not... and he will, So.... Tally-ho, beer nerds! 

There's a one case limit and it'll probably be going for its standard price of $12.95 a bottle. Please call first before making the trip and remember the girl at the counter may not a fucking clue about what your geeking-out about so go easy on her. Capiche?

And to answer you next question.... "yes", Squatters 529 is likely being released early next week, so don't blow your 'beer wad' today or you'll be so very sad come seven days from now.



kent said...


I mean really what are the chances that I could buy it all. Half maybe...

Thank you for the heads up Mikey.

Erick said...

Squatters Pubs & Beers It is $12.95 per bottle and we are limiting it to one case.

Aaron Saxon said...

I went into the downtown Squatters to buy 3 bottles and a guy was walking out with a case, by the time I paid for mine, the same guy was back in to buy another case!

kent said...

That wasn't me Aaron.

Ray said...

No, Kent would have Mormons by it for him.