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Friday, December 05, 2014

New Beer Friday: Repeal Day Edition

On this day in 1933, Utah cast the deciding vote to ratify the 21st Amendment of the Constitution,  which brought to an end the era of National Prohibition in the United States. Appropriately, it's also New Beer Friday. It's the perfect opportunity to celebrate beer's legal return to our lives with something new to share. Happy Repeal Day!

Shades of Pale - Misdirected IPA: This is a brand new label from Shades of Pale's new South Salt Lake brewery. It's a session IPA that will be available soon in 12oz bottles. Right now if you want to try it it's only available on draft at the Poplar Street Pub. Pours a slightly hazed golden amber color with a sturdy foamy head. The nose is a nice blend of citrus peel and flowery hops. The taste starts with some muted carmel malt and toast. Tropical fruitiness comes next adding some nice balance. The end is similar to the aroma - floral and citrusy. Finishes fairly dry. A strong contender for your session IPA dollars.
4.0% ABV

Wasatch - Cherry Coconut Porter: This is a new draft only seasonal from Wasatch. Pours black with a minimal amount of tan head. The nose is mostly of cocoa, coffee and roast. The taste starts with dark bakers chocolate and a hint of espresso. It's fairly dry. A slight cherry/prune tartness comes next to counter the dryness of the darker malts. The end has a hint of malt sweetness, but finishes mostly dry. I get no hint of coconut at all. Kinda reminds me of a stout but it's a nice wintery porter that you will likely find enjoyable. @The Beer Store, Poplar St. Pub and should be popping up where Wasatch/Squatters has seasonal taps. 4.0% ABV

For Firkin Friday at the Bayou, Hoppers has the New Zealand Draught with winter warming spices juniper berries, allspice, and star anise. Base beer is much like an English mild but fermented with lager yeast. Hopped completely with New Zealand Rakau, which have a pepper, pine, citrus and tropical fruit like flavor.



Diamond Mind said...

I am always sad when the wet forces lose....;-(

holly said...

I would probably not have been interested in the Cherry Coconut Porter from the name, but your description has my interest piqued! Something new to try!