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Friday, December 12, 2014

New Beer Friday 12/12/14

Widmer - Alchemy Pale Ale: The nose is citrusy and piney with some earthy caramel malts. The taste follows with toasty and medium sweet malt followed by some fruity tropical hops in the middle. The end is mostly bitter with piney notes. 5.8% ABV @ Beer Bar, DABC 

Widmer - Brrr: Deep copper in color with two fingers of white foam. The nose is dominated by dank malts and grapefruit, florals and a hint of skunk. the flavor starts citrusy with grapefruit, tangerine and herbal notes. A moderate amount of toffee and caramel comes in next with a bit of toasty grain. The is slightly piney and dank. This one is pretty nice, don't drink it too cold. A little warmth brings out some of the malt's complexity. 7.2% ABV @ Beer Bar,  DABC

Firestone Walker - 18 Anniversary Ale: Haven't had a chance to try the XVIII yet. This year's blend is 38% Parabola aged in bourbon barrels, 16% Helldorado aged in bourbon & brandy barrels, 16% Bravo aged in bourbon & brandy barrels, 14% Stickee Monkee aged in bourbon & brandy barrels, 5% Velvet Merkin aged in bourbon barrels, 4% Hydra Cuvee aged in bourbon barrels, 3% Wookey Jack, 2% Ol' Leghorn aged in new American oak, 2% Double Jack.13.0% ABV
If that sounds like it'll shoot a breeze up your skirt, then you can look for it a better beer bars and in select DABC stores.

Returning Favorites

Epic - Old Sage Brett Wild Ale
Epic - Santa Cruz Brown Ale

If you've RSVP'd to the party tomorrow, don't forget your taster glass and a plan for your ride home. Looking forward to seeing you!



Joe Snow said...

What party? I think I missed the boat :(

Erick said...

If anyone finds an Firestone 18 at a select DABC store give a shout.

Mikey said...

@joe I posted the party info last month. Sorry you missed seeing it. http://utahbeer.blogspot.com/2014/11/the-2014-big-ass-holiday-tasting.html?m=1

Diamond Mind said...

It should have been 48% velvet merkin, but wicked nice just the same!

Brett Bond said...

The holiday tasting post must not have came across FB. I don't blame you as everyone and their mother would RSVP. I missed it too. :( BBond

Mikey said...

I never post The Holiday Tasting on Facebook. There are nearly 2,000 likes there and the party is held in a private home. It would be I disaster.