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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A New Direction at the Annex & Tots for Tots

The Annex is teaming up with Yelp and Toys for Tots to bring you "Toys for Tater Tots"! Bring in an unwrapped new toy for donation and recieve a free order of the Annex's gourmet tater tots and a $3 firkin pint. The firkin will feature the Annex's Wheat Ale with Hibiscus and Lemon. Tapping is at 3pm

Speaking of the Annex, if you haven't been by recently you've probably missed the new upgrades to the brewpub. First off, that damn Zion Curtain/Beer Burka is gonzo! The remodeled bar is much more comfortable and appealing. 

Another great benefit that many people may not be aware of is that you can get damn near every beer Epic Brewing makes by the glass. You don't have to buy the entire bottle. 

Their new license means more than just doing away with the Zion Curtain it also means that you don't have to order food, just to get a beer, though you may be doing yourself a big disservice by not trying the new menu. 

Many have commented that the Annex's food was not very approachable to the masses. It was just too "foo-foo" for the casual beer crowd. The new menu offers comfort food with an emphasis on fresh ingredients combined with technical prowess. Their fried chicken and burgers and incredible, well worth the trip. 



Mikey said...

Apologies for the strange looking post. Trying to postal of this on a smart phone is difficult at best.

Dabast said...

Highlight it and you can read it just fine.

Mikey said...

Finally fixed! What a pain in the ass!

holly said...

I have to say I didn't find their food excessively frou frou, just not very tasty. Maybe their meat items were better than the veggie options. I'll check out the new menu, though, and possibly give them another try. The beer by the glass is a great thing.

Aaron Saxon said...

Does this mean that they will be able to do growlers to go also?

Mikey said...

The draft beers? Yes.

Aaron Saxon said...