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Friday, December 26, 2014

New Beer Friday: Boxing Day Edition

I hope, Santa was good to you... If not? Mikey will be! Every Friday is Xmas around here. My sleigh...er Volvo is always full of cheers for all of good girls and boys that are willing to pony up the quatloos for a bit of liquid happiness. If your burnt out on all of yesterday's stresses he's some relief for your body and mind.

RedRock American Session IPA - This showed up at limited grocery stores Christmas Eve, so I didn't have the opportunity to try it. My guess is that it's somewhat similar to RedRock's IPA Junior, a session IPA that's been poured at the brewpub for years. If you've already tried it let us know how it is. 4.0% ABV
Squatters: Take Out Rye IPA - Dark amber in color. Nice piney floral nose. A fair amount of fruity rye spiciness on the tongue. Hops are full and bitter. Mostly pine with some bitter citrus peel. Was hoping for a little more tropical hops to pair with the malt fruitiness. Good but not as great as some of their IPAs. 6.25% ABV @ Beer Bar, The Beer Store, Squatters Bottleshop. Wide distribution soon.

Mother Earth: Four Seasons Of Mother Earth - Winter (2014) Deep amber in color with some ruby highlights. The nose is very Christmas-y with cinnamon, pine and various dark spices. The taste is full of nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger blanced with a nice dose of toffee malts. Subtle hazelnut and rich spicy hops came next with a bit of coconut and Bourbon rounding out the back end. This beer reminds me of Bourbon gingerbread cookies. It's rich full flavors explode on the tongue. One of the few Holiday brews that truly hits the mark.  11% ABV @ BeerHive 

Returning Favorites

Epic Blue Law Porter -  Porter made with black berries and spruce tips picked from trees on Utah's Capitol grounds. This wasn't released last year, so it's been absent for a while. @ Epic, The Annex, some better beer bars.


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Michael Druce said...

Hi Mike,
Red Rock has bottled an Amber Ale and IPA that will be sold exclusively at Harmons Brickyard and City Creek locations. The IPA is the same recipe as the JR...but We are re-branding as a Session IPA.

We are calling this line 'Black Label Session'.

Happy New Year!